kaiwan shaban

Meet Kaiwan Shaban, a 25-year-old visual artist hailing from the city of Akre in the Kurdistan region. Currently based in Warsaw, Poland. His art represents an amalgamation of digital art and cinematography that conveys the best of both worlds, allowing him to translate his imaginative ideas into a distinctive form of creative self-expression.Throughout his career, Kaiwan has worked with prestigious clients such as Apple, Adobe, Mercedes, Audible, Sony Music, and Jaguar, to name a few.

"As an artist, I am deeply inspired by the delicate balance between light and shadow, and the profound stories they can narrate when combined. My work is a journey into the human psyche, the complexities of nature, and the myriad emotions that bridge the two. I aim to capture the quiet moments that often go unnoticed, those instances of stillness amidst the storm. Through my art, I invite viewers to pause, reflect, and find their own stories within the layers of each image" Kaiwan stated.

Kaiwan is driven by a desire to create the things he wants to see in the world. Through his art, he is able to express his unique perspective and bring his visions to life. Kaiwan is also dedicated to inspiring the next generation of artists and fostering a love and appreciation for art.

For business inquiries | info@kaiwanshaban.com

kaiwan shaban

visual artist


Visual Art Director

2022 - Now
Invision Agency

Video Director

2020 - 2022
Vision Studio

Video & ARt Director

2018 - 2020
Food Studio

Video Cutter

2017 - 2018


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Art Direction award