Times square | Sep 2022

[Kaiwan Shaban X Art Innovation Gallery]

In the vibrant core of Times Square from September 5th to 11th, 2022, a deep sense of accomplishment enveloped me. My digital art, every pixel and visual element conceived from countless hours behind a screen, illuminated the façade of a renowned Times Square building. This wasn't just an achievement in my artistic journey, but a deeply personal triumph. This experience, seeing my visions come alive in such a grand space, is a milestone I'll hold close, forever.

Beijing | Apr 2023

[Kaiwan Shaban X Beijing Contemporary Art Expo]

Beijing Contemporary Art Expo has been committed to the promotion of Chinese contemporary art through a variety of visionary presentations. Working closely with art galleries and institutes pertinent to China, Beijing Contemporary aims to forge a multilayered platform on which all parties involved in the contemporary art scene and interested people from every spectrum of society can transact, exhibit, communicate, gain insights and pleasure in the realm of art. In the meantime, Beijing Contemporary also aspires to introduce contemporary Chinese art, with its established cultural subjectivity and systems of value, to the larger cultural market and greater public.

Lisbon | June 2023

[Kaiwan Shaban X Artist Villa in Lisbon]

Artist Villa gallery hosted by Jean-Michel Pailhon brought by Arab Bank (Switzerland) ltd in lisbon, Portugal.